A Call for Social Innovation Experts to Co-Create the Next Generation of Social Innovation Academy Worldwide


Play a leadership role in social innovation education


Social Innovation Academy is a project co-financed by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme aiming to become the go-to online platform for anyone willing to learn more about social innovation. We attract thousands of visitors globally each month.

Are you a social innovation academic, researcher, a successful social entrepreneur, impact investor, social innovation consultant, or an experienced practitioner from a social innovation-oriented governmental or non-governmental organisation? Or maybe you are a journalist or blogger experienced in the topic of social impact and social innovation?

Would you like to share your expertise with our global audience? Or maybe you have one or more colleagues who would like to contribute together with you?

If so, keep on reading.




Why co-create the Academy with us?



  • Enhance your influence and gain even more recognition in your field. The Academy reaches thousands of people globally. We have several thousand social media followers and hundreds of newsletter readers. When a content piece gets published at the Academy, it is also promoted on all our social media channels and in our newsletter. Being an expert at the Academy can also be an excellent way to draw attention to your expertise field, a specific topic, or a proven practice.
  • Grow your personal network. Being part of our pool of experts is a great way to position yourself as an expert in your field so that you can attract new partners, start new collaborations, or attract more clients.
  • Boost your professional career. Sharing your expertise on social innovation makes you more visible in your field. This enables you to cultivate a stronger reputation, promote your work and move forward faster in your career. Publishing a small piece of your work with the Academy can also mean you promote your larger body of work (such as full books, lectures, or publications) to new audiences. 
  • Give back to the community. All the co-created content is provided on a voluntary basis and made available absolutely for free to our readers. For some, this is one of the few ways they can access high-quality, well-curated content on this specific topic, from wherever they are in the world, and irrespectively of their current level of expertise in the topic. Help them gain more knowledge and skills, and inspire and support them for the own social innovation journeys.
  • Play a dynamic role in the development of social innovation in your field of expertise. We want to raise awareness about social innovation and its potential regarding social, economic as well as environmental challenges that our societies are currently facing. While in some fields social innovation is already well-established, in others it is still an emerging topic. Let’s bring social innovation to the mainstream, together.



How can I contribute?


You can choose from three types of content (to be created either by you alone or in a team of co-authors):


A subject-matter article: a 1,000 words post basedon either a specific social innovation topic analysed by you in-depth (a great choice for true subject-matter experts, see an example here), or a collection of 8 social innovation good practices, arguments or sub-topics curated by you (perfect for social innovation journalists or bloggers, see an example here



A practitioner interview: an interview with a change maker who shares their experience of going through the social innovation process. The questions are standardised and it is a great way to showcase leaders of social innovation initiatives in the private, public and civil domains. You don’t need to be very senior to be interviewed, and the social innovation itself does not need to be massive, but your social innovation should already be proven in practice and implemented in real life, positively impacting the world. You can choose between a written (see example here) or a video (check here) interview format. You can also interview someone else e.g. a winner of your social impact awards, or a top member from your social innovation hub. We provide the questions, but the length of the answers is up to you. You can also skip some questions altogether.



Real-life case study: if you think your social innovation could benefit from some visibility, and at the same time serve as an insightful example for those willing to learn more, then this is the right format for you. Each example is exactly 1-page long (see our previous examples here), and the template, instructions and guidance are provided. We are always on the lookout for inspirations from all over the world, be it from the private, public or civic domains.







How does it work?


We invite you to collaborate with our professional community in ways that optimize your impact and respect your busy schedule. We help you shape your content to better fit the target audience, provide you with all the templates and instructions, as well as assure a dedicated review by our team and a proof-reading round by our native English-speaking professional editor. The process is really simplified for you and this is how it looks:

Expected timeline


  • This call will stay open until end of January (with a possibility to be prolonged, if necessary), but don’t wait until the last moment and register today! We review the applications on a first-come first-serve basis, and once we have reached the limit of co-creators, we will close this call, so the earlier you register, the higher the chances of your content getting published.
  • Your registration will be reviewed as soon as possible, we typically review the applications within 2-4 weeks from submission.
  • As soon as you are invited to our expert group, you will be contacted to discuss your proposed idea for the publication and sent detailed guidelines, templates and instructions. You will then have 1 month to submit your draft.
  • We try to keep the review and editing process to the minimum. We will keep you posted about the progress. You might be asked to re-work your first draft a bit, but you will be guided through this process.
  • The co-created content will go live anytime, typically within a few weeks or months from the final draft, but at the very latest until September 2021 (we use a publication pipeline). Of course, we will try to keep the period from submission to publication as short as possible, but there is always a waiting line. Owing to events and other circumstances beyond our control, we may have to change our posting order at very short notice.


Which topics are we focusing on?

We are generally open to a vast range of subjects*, such as:


  • Social innovation(s) to tackle any of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (full list here)
  • Emerging tools and methodologies for Social Innovation
  • New fields of research in Social Innovation
  • Digital Social Innovation and Tech4Good (from Blockchain to AI and everything in-between)
  • Social impact, social impact investing and measurement
  • Funding and finance for Social Innovation
  • Co-creation in Social Innovation, community led innovation, inclusive innovation, social innovation labs
  • Social Innovation process (from an idea to systems change)
  • Social Innovation in private, public and civic sectors
  • Policies, ecosystems and enabling conditions for Social Innovation
  • Corporate Social Innovation
  • Developing the next generation of changemakers / social innovators
  • … (is your topic not on the list – register anyway and we will get back to you!)
  • *The exact topic of your publication needs to be agreed upfront with the Social Innovation Academy team. We recommend that you don’t start working on your contribution until 1) you have been invited to join our expert panel and 2) have received a ‘green light’ for your content idea from our team. 

What are the expert selection criteria

Social Innovation Academy will take the following criteria into account when assessing the applications:

  • proven expertise in areas relevant to social innovation, in either:
    • theoretical knowledge of social innovation
    • social innovation methodologies
    • practical experience in social innovation, social entrepreneurship, or social impact
  • alignment with common interests of social innovation stakeholders and our community values (read more about our community here and join us if you haven’t yet)
  • advanced communication skills (in writing for written pieces, in public speaking for the video interview)
  • enthusiasm, leadership skills and collaboration skills

When selecting the applicants, we will also try to ensure (to the degree possible) a diversity of represented fields, expertise types, geographical origin of the contributions, sectors covered, SDGs addressed and expert profiles.


Register to be considered for our expert group now

Terms and Conditions

9 + 4 =

*If you encounter any technical issues please fill out the attached form and send it over by email to budapest@impacthub.netDOWNLOAD FORM

*In case you are encountering any technical issues with this application, let us know at greg.balamatsias@limitless.lu and we will be back with you very shortly

Terms and conditions

By submitting your expert application and later on a draft for review, you agree to the following points:


  • Your work on the publication or the rights to publish the article itself will not be remunerated. We also don’t remunerate interviewees for their input.
  • The material you provide should be original i.e. not previously published elsewhere. However, adaptations of your own previous work are accepted.
  • It is understood that the material you will provide will, among other purposes, serve you for promoting your expertise and/or your social innovation initiative and once it’s published on our website, you are free to refer to it as well as state that you have been featured on Social Innovation Academy.
  • Your input might be used in its entirety as an individual article published at Social Innovation Academy, as well as quoted in parts in related articles.
  • The articles will go live anytime, indicatively until September 2021 (we use a publication pipeline). Of course, we will try to keep the period from submission to publication as short as possible, but there is a waiting line. Owing to events and other circumstances beyond our control, we may have to change our posting order at very short notice.
  • If your input does not fit our scope or style, we may ask you to rewrite it.
  • We reserve the right to edit your input for style, content, format and length as well as unpublish the article without prior notification at our discretion.
  • Your work on the publication or the rights to publish the article itself will not be remunerated. We also don’t remunerate interviewees for their input.
  • All original articles will be published under the Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. In short, CC = Creative Commons, BY = attribution required, NC = non-commercial use, ND = no derivatives. Other blogs and publications are free to use them as long as they fulfil all of the below points:
    • they do not charge for access to the blog post individually or as part of a bundle 
    • they include a prominent credit to Social Innovation Academy
    • they link back to the article at Social Innovation Academy
    • they do not alter the blog post.
  • Social Innovation Academy reserves the right to share content with a number of other blogs, platforms, social media accounts and channels, digital and printed products run by its partner organisations. If you do not wish for your article to be republished anywhere else, please let us know in advance.
  • The Social Innovation Academy’s team reserves the right to reject your application at any stage of the process at its own discretion, without prior notification.
  • Your data will be collected by Impact Hub Budapest and it will be treated in accordance with GDPR rules.
  • By submitting your application you also agree to our Privacy Policy
  • The team of Social Innovation Academy does not bear any responsibility for the content provided by external co-creators. The sole responsibility for the content created by external experts rests with the expert in question.
The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsi­ble for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Would you like to collaborate? Get in touch!

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