Over 150 million children worldwide suffer from lazy eye, strabismus, or convergence insufficiency. These issues significantly impact the quality of life – if nothing else, our school system delivers 80% of all knowledge through vision and if we don’t see well, we have limited access to this knowledge.

A group of people from Smart Optometry were first made aware of the scope of this problem by their medical advisory board. They shared their key pain: once kids are diagnosed and start treatment, the success of this depends greatly on how committed and compliant they are when it comes to vision therapy homework: the vision therapy exercises they have to do at home. Key problem is that methods used nowadays were boring, unengaging and because of that – kids don’t like doing them.[1]

Smart Optometry is a company providing eye care professionals with innovative software solutions for eye screening, testing, and therapy. Founded in 2015 by a young team of enthusiasts from fields of optometry, ophthalmology, programming, and marketing with a desire to “Smart up your vision”, make eye testing fun and interesting, while still upholding the highest professional standards. Smart Optometry is offering an interactive, fast, simple, and precise application “Smart Optometry” intended for eye screening and testing on smart devices. It includes more than a dozen standardised vision tests with unparalleled interactivity and ease of use.[2]

They have received several awards for the AmblyoPlay solution which was developed in cooperation with Slovenian and foreign experts, and it is currently present in the markets of Western Europe and the USA.[3]


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Below you can watch a very inspiring video interview with  Žan Menart, Chief Executive Officer at Smart Optometry.



Interviewed by: Maja Novak

Žan Menart

Žan Menart


Žan Menart is a chief Executive Officer at Smart Optometry. He studied at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Ljubljana.

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