The aim of the present logbook is to provide guidance and support to those Social Innovation Academy learners and participants that want to begin their own initiatives. Use what you have learned and apply it to the questions and assignments in this logbook.

The logbook provides an insight to your learning results through a set of self-reflective questions which can help you generate further insight into your idea. These are reflected in tables which include space at the side for your own notes.

The logbook also contains assignments, which are included in blue boxes. Doing these assignments and then bringing them together into one single file will lead to a base document for your initiative or enterprise that outlines its main features, story and business model and impact.

As you work through the questions and assignments, return to those you have already thought about and check whether they are all still valid, and, if needed, make adjustments. Do not see what you have done as being completely fixed, but rather consider the logbook as a living document which can evolve as you move on.

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