We are social innovation leaders at large and small organisations around the world.


We share our knowledge and are always open to learning more.


We make things happen. We are doers and hard workers, although we dream big too.


We connect with others to aim higher together.

We are

We unite visionary and committed organisations and individuals who believe in the power of innovating for good.

We are an unusual bunch: social innovators, social entrepreneurs, social innovation academics, leaders, influencers, consultants, students, change-makers and enthusiasts from around the globe.

Our common denominator: a passion for social innovation and what it can bring to the world.

Our Community

We bring together two type of social innovators: organisations and individuals. We connect with our students, experts, partners and advisors on a deeper level and help them reach their own goals. We believe in empowering our co-creators and providing them with the platform they need to go faster, think bigger and benefit more people.


Our Mission

We exist to help social innovation organisations and individuals around the world connect, grow and get the recognition and visibility they need to take their work and passion to the next level.

Our Values

  • Innovate for good
  • Inspire one another
  • Do the right thing
  • Stay positively obsessed
  • Be honest
  • Truly empower
  • Learn, grow, scale
  • Have fun
  • Listen
  • Shine
  • Be remarkable
  • Connect on a deeper level.



  • Bring together like-minded people to learn from one another
  • Form a community of social innovation leaders, experts and enthusiasts
  • Promote and popularise the concept of social innovation (and related fields) on an international scale
  • Drive a global movement of people and organisations using innovation as a force for good
  • Encourage partnerships and collaborations in the social innovation domain
  • Create possibilities to support, encourage, inspire and empower each other
  • Help members advance their careers, businesses or initiatives (or switch to social innovation-related ones)
  • Endorse and support social innovation initiatives from around the world
  • Provide a platform for the exchange of information, knowledge, good practice and opportunities in the social innovation field
  • Support the professional and personal growth of our co-creators
  • Improve our knowledge and skills in social innovation 
  • Provide opportunities for expertise recognition for our co-creators
  • Grow and manage a community of social innovation professionals and enthusiasts
  • Curate thought leadership content and support research in the social innovation field
  • Summarise remarkable trends and opportunities to save members’ time
  • Identify worldwide emerging social innovation concepts and practices to ensure our members always stay on top of important developments
  • Participate in relevant projects and organise relevant events
  • Promote and showcase successful and dedicated members
  • Help members grow, scale and get the recognition they deserve – on a global scale!


We are social innovation passionates. We are the founders of the award-winning Social Innovation Academy, which, in only two years attracted dozens of collaborating partners from all around the globe who contribute to the curriculum development, participate in testing and help us promote the initiative both on- and offline.


We have experience of managing a global network of ‘friends’, as well as content (co)creation, curation and publishing – we are currently managing tens of contributors, authors and interviewees across the globe, professional text editors, graphic designers and online specialists.


We are social innovation professionals ourselves, with many years’ experience in social innovation practice, academic and applied research, as well as social innovation education, financing and policymaking. We believe in the power of innovating for good.

For the next generation of individual and organisational social innovators

Professional and organisational benefits, from recognition to leading-edge profiling opportunities, to building your competitive advantage and growing your professional network.

Say goodbye to old-fashioned local clubs. Say hi to a fully online community. Global. Modern. Fun.


Get connected

  • become part of the growing social innovation leadership community
  • meet like-minded people online, wherever they are
  • connect through the social media you already use (get access to our LinkedIn group)
  • grow your professional network faster
  • get access to a strong collective voice to spread the message on a scale not feasible for you to achieve alone
  • get access to our communication platform (newsletter, website, social media) to share your messages with our community
  • find your future partners, employers, employees, sponsors, donors, consortium members, volunteers… and friends!

Become recognised

  • get recognition as social innovation frontrunner
  • lead the social innovation change and set the agenda of the movement
  • profile yourself / your organisation / your brand as a leader in the field: showcase who you are and what you do
  • get the chance to be featured in expert interviews and leader spotlight series
  • have the opportunity to become a published author of the Social Innovation Academy and strengthen your position as a thought leader
  • further your social innovation career
  • …or switch to one!

Gain competences

  • upskill yourself / your organisation to leverage the competitive advantages available through social innovation
  • stay on top of cutting-edge global innovation trends
  • get access to professional social innovation training content to gain knowledge fast and improve your skills and competences
  • work alongside other social innovation champions
  • benefit from peer-to-peer learning, feedback, mentoring and support
  • never miss an opportunity to take your work to the next level

Give back

  • spread good vibes
  • leverage sponsorship, volunteering and speaking opportunities
  • support social innovations worth sharing and people worth following
  • empower the communities that matter to you
  • share your passion, talent and expertise with the world
  • boost your ability to innovate for good
  • get the opportunity to scale your good work
  • help us change systems for the better and make social innovation a global movement

Be audacious, be bold, and be unreasonable.
You have the technology, the capital, the skills and the resources needed to address the biggest social challenges of our time. There has never been a better time to be a social innovator than right now – the need for your creations is right now.

Rutul Dave – Bright Funds (quote from causeartist.com)


Contact us

Social Innovation Academy

The Social Innovation Academy is the Erasmus+ project led by LIMITLESS®  sarl, a for-profit for-purpose company registered in Luxembourg in Europe. We welcome co-creators from all over the world.


+352 691 588 685


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