Innovation, as long as humans exist, has always been woven into social fabric of our existance. Those who have the courage and open mindsets make a true difference in a way we live, work, learn and play. Anyone can become a social innovator and challenge our status quo, making our planet a better place to live. All you need is a right attitude and relevant skill set. I am super excited to see that a newly launched Social Innovation Academy is the platform to gain appropriate skills and get familiar with useful tools. I believe the platform, with its contents and intuitive step-by-step guidebook, might become a great equalizer for social innovation for all.

Paula Wąsowska, DBA, Strategy & innovation expert, business practitioner with 20 years’ experience in the ICT industry, Harvard lecturer, public speaker

The platform is very flexible, and one can take out what one needs. It is a good combination of theory and practice. The learner can take as much as he/she needs from the platform. He/she is not forced to spend additional time on the platform. And as there is both theory and practice, I believe it is adapted for different kinds of learners. There is a lot of theory on social innovation, which is not covered all together in many places (at least to my knowledge). I will be able to use this theory in my further work.

Živa Lopatič, Social Entrepreneur

Innovation as it is understood nowadays goes beyond the traditional view of merely developing new products and services. Without bearing in mind the social impacts of the proposed or foreseen innovations and innovation processes, these are bound to fail at some point. Understanding the social aspects of innovation is thus vital for anyone working in the field of innovation in today’s world. The Social Innovation Academy offers this perspective in an engaging way. 

Dimitris Raftopoulos, Knowledge Broker

As a Faculty Advisor of Enactus Warsaw School of Economics (social innovation NGO) – I can recommend Social Innovation Academy platform to my students as a source of knowledge on what social innovation is and what are the best practices to develop it. It offers a great online learning possibility.

Ewa Sońta-Drączkowska, Faculty Advisor

The SOCIA platform is a great source of knowledge about social innovation. It combines practical knowledge with the theoretical approach. I recommend SOCIA academiy for trainers and NGOs involved in the development of social innovations.

Anna Bocheńska, NGO entrepreneur and trainer  

I gained more insight into what social innovation is in society in addition to what I already had in hand from my past experiences. I also learned how it could be done within other engagements like full-time work etc. Now I have a broader view of global challenges and how people go about them. I also got inspired by the panelists’ attitudes towards their social impacts. It is about doing what you love and changing one life at a time. I gained interpersonal skills in problem-solving skills.

Beatrice Mugun, Research Assistant

I learned about the basic concept of social innovation and some significant cases that gave insight into the systems changes that can be made with the help of social innovations. Just gained a better understanding of the whole topic. Got inspiration from cases and am now motivated to continue on this path. Now I understand how important social innovation is and that it needs to develop continuously.

Tanja Tamše, Social Innovator

The Social Innovation Academy has taken a step further in the professionalization of social innovation. Now, we have an authentic Academy that dignifies the professional training of all of us dedicated to (social) innovation. As a consultant I am aware that each case is completely different and surely finds several possible ways of working. Many times, in addition, my client/user is who decides which is the most convenient way according to its own idiosyncrasy. That is why the experience based on the knowledge of applicable cases offers great wealth with which to suggest possible ways of application, with modifications, adaptations, hybridizations, or even disruptions. Although the theory is a good base to work on, success stories (or failures) are for me excellent tools with which to test options.

Antonio Serrano, Social Innovation consultant

I gained awareness that it is essential to develop competence on how to transfer the complicated things to the people for a better future in the easiest and the speediest way possible.

Brigita Remšak Slovnik, Sociologist

This platform will be an essential tool during the idea implementation. Yes. My attitude toward social innovation changed. I’m more confident to start working on my ideas. I developed strategic thinking and looking at the problem from a different angle. 

Usha Dahal, MSc Global Health Candidate

I gained structured knowledge about social innovation, new business, and project ideas. After visiting an online program, I have a better understanding of social innovation in general.

Andro Goblon, Business model Designer & Consultant

Now I understand how important social innovation is and that it needs to develop continuously.

Malvin Patzack, GTP Wealth Management

Now I know how to promote social innovation, and I’m more interested in the subject. I also get new knowledge.

Christina Megkouli, Reporting Support Officer

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