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At the Social Innovation Academy, our purpose is to make a positive change by helping to educate the social innovators and social entrepreneurs of the future. So, besides continuing our work on online content, we asked ourselves: What would be a great way for our learners to learn in a new physical space at the same time as breaking out of their comfort zone and mingling? The answer is conferences! Exactly right! In the modern era, we tend to forget about the power of being in a live face-to-face setting with like-minded individuals. The truth is, though, that your social innovation potential will drastically improve if you attend events on topics that matter, grow your personal network, get new inspiration, and learn new skills. 

We are very excited to share this 2020 Social Innovation Calendar with you! Exciting opportunities lie ahead, so pick yours and make an impact!


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Reach thousands of aspiring social innovators and help them gain the skills and knowledge required for their dreams to become a reality. 

By training social innovators of the future, the Academy aims to help the most pressing global challenges.

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