2023 Social Innovation Tournament

From 16 January to 23 February the EIB Institute will be accepting applications for the 2023 Social Innovation Tournament (SIT). The SIT is the flagship initiative of the Institute’s Social Programme that recognises and supports the best European social entrepreneurs whose primary purpose is to generate a social, ethical or environmental impact. Projects can cover any of the 17 SDGs, and this year’s prizes in the Special Category will go to projects focusing on sustainable cities and communities.

Winning projects in both the General Category and the Special Category will be awarded a first or second prize of €100 000 or €40 000, respectively. There will also be an Audience Choice Award of €10 000. Most importantly of all, every finalist will be admitted to the SIT Alumni network, which will offer them capacity-building opportunities, access to pitching events, visibility and recognition.

The 2023 Social Innovation Tournament runs in two rounds. First, 15 finalists will be selected by the Selection Committee, comprised mainly of EIB Group experts in innovation, environment and other relevant disciplines, supported by Stone Soup Consulting. These selections will be made by 17 May.

The 15 finalists will then complete a tailored, multi-part training programme: Mentoring Boo(s)tcamp, e-training on pitching, one-to-one coaching sessions and Rehearsal Days. These events are designed to help them finalise their project proposals and prepare for the Grand Finale, which will take place in two parts on 27 and 28 September.

The Grand Finale of the 2023 Social Innovation Tournament is the second round of the competition. On 27 September, the finalists will present their projects to a jury of social innovation specialists at the Deep Dive Pitches (an invitation-only event). Then, on 28 September, the finalists will each have the chance to inspire an audience with their project at the Spark Moments at which the winners will be announced. This will conclude with the Awards Dinner.

The EIB Institute is hosting two Q&A webinars to help #SIT applicants prepare:

If you or someone you know may be interested in this opportunity, please spread the word! For more information and guidelines on the application process, click this link 👉http://bit.ly/SIT23Stockholm


Learn more at Social Innovation Academy 

Social Innovation Academy is the first fully online management training programme focusing exclusively on social innovation.

Why Social Innovation Academy? Social innovation has increasingly come to be perceived as the answer to the rising number of European societal challenges. While the European authorities, leading academics, policy experts, business people and activists agree that social innovation is the key to a better future for Europe and the world, it is extremely difficult for professionals to obtain high-quality training on what social innovation actually offers and, more importantly, how it can be done in practice.

The Social Innovation Academy is aiming to change this situation in Europe and beyond. If you are interested in keeping up with this project, you can subscribe to our newsletter, become one of our friends or follow us on social media (LinkedInTwitter and Facebook). We welcome all requests for collaboration here.



Graphic and text: shared on request of the 2023 Social Innovation Tournament organiser, EIB.

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