Social impact funding opportunities seem to be popping up all over the globe these days. Here’s is a selection of 8 social impact funding opportunities to consider in 2023.

100x Impact Accelerator by LSE

Social impact funding is getting a new actor. ‘The 100x Impact Accelerator will provide a brand-new platform for the world’s most promising social ventures, scaling them to help us tackle global challenges in areas such as health, refugees and migrants, equitable economies, polarization, and climate change, to name a few.

As a result of Sir Paul Marshall’s generous donation of £50 million to the LSE, the 100x Impact Accelerator will provide key grant-making services and resources for the social sector that have long only been available to commercial firms and for-profit investors.

Bringing together LSE’s world-leading research expertise and the Marshall Institute’s existing government and policy networks, the accelerator aims to create a philanthropic cooperative that brings together capital, expertise and passion for systemic change in one place.’[i] 

Canada-Africa Innovation Fellowship (CAIF) program 2023

Social impact funding for students is not always easy to find.

‘The Canada-Africa Innovation Fellowship program provides a unique opportunity for undergraduate students based in Canada and Africa to work together and develop innovative solutions to complex global challenges. 

Following a series of learning labs, Innovation Fellows are partnered across regions to learn, create and accelerate ideas as a way to build a sustainable and inclusive future.  With additional mentorship and coaching from sector experts, it is a unique chance for university students to grow their leadership, entrepreneurial and innovation capacity while engaging in cultural, academic and professional exchange.’[ii] 

iF Social Impact Prize 2023

Social impact funding through prizes is a good option for those looking to increase their visibility along with attracting capital.

‘The iF SOCIAL IMPACT PRIZE supports projects that contribute to improving our society. If you work towards achieving one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, your project is eligible.

Applying is free of charge. Every year iF Design donates EUR 100,000 to support the best projects submitted to the iF SOCIAL IMPACT PRIZE. Your project should already be established and you can apply with the same project a maximum of two times. Student concepts will not be accepted.’[iii] 

The Impact Fund’s 2023 grants

‘The Impact Fund awards recoverable grants to legal services nonprofits, private attorneys, and small law firms who seek to advance justice in the areas of civil and human rights, environmental justice, and poverty law. 

Since being founded in 1992, the Impact Fund has made more than 700 recoverable grants totaling more than $8 million for impact litigation. We award grants four times per year, most within the range of US$10,000 to US$50,000.’[iv] 

Ashoka/HSBS Green Changemakers Competition 2023

‘For the third consecutive year, Ashoka and HSBC are working together to introduce the “Green Changemakers Challenge.” Changemakers with solutions that provide people the mentality and skills to help create a sustainable and equitable future are welcome to participate in this global innovation challenge.

We are speeding toward an ecological disaster as a result of the growing risks to our planet. This is a shared task, and in order to effect real change, we need more than just individual solution-builders. We need green changemakers who inspire others to act as well; we need solutions that get everyone involved and give everyone a chance to address problems.’[v] 

Rockstart Agrifood 2023

Rockstart Agrifood aims to ‘fund and empower purpose-driven founders scaling impactful solutions by leveraging emerging technologies and new business models that improve our food supply system from soil to gut (…)’[vi] 

The are especially interested in startups innovating in:

  • Alternative packaging & proteins
  • Smell and flavour data
  • Smart fulfilment & logistics
  • Bio alternatives to chemicals and plastic
  • Nutrition tech
  • Upcycled products
  • Tech for novel farming systems
  • Tools to sequestrate CO2[vi] 

Google for Startup Founders Funds 2023

‘The Google for Startups Founders Funds offer financial prizes to Black and Latino entrepreneurs so they can start and expand their companies without having to give up any equity.

The Google for Startups Founders Funds, established in 2020, have given more than $30 million to firms run by Black people in Africa, Brazil, Europe, and the United States, as well as Latinos in the United States. The funds’ objectives are to assist promising founders in expanding their firms and, ultimately, to produce wealth for future generations. They have helped more than 400 entrepreneurs who have raised more than $400 million in follow-on venture finance.

Recipients of the Founders Funds get equity-free cash prizes as well as continuous Google mentoring, Google Cloud credits, and product support to aid them as they traverse every stage of their company journey.’[vii]

Climate Challenge 2023 for Young Change Agents

The Team up for Climate 2023 Challenge is being launched by the Egis Foundation and is open to any ideas on how to coexist as a society and adapt to changing climates. In order to make a contribution to the discussion of dealing and coexisting with climate dangers, the Egis Foundation advises that you organize or join a group of committed students.



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Photo by Anna Shvets: https://www.pexels.com/photo/close-up-of-woman-using-digital-tablet-3727456/ 

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