Why is the importance of social impact also becoming mainstream for more traditional businesses and industries? Select the false answer.
The concept of Shared Value was introduced by Michael Porter and it highlights that:
Management by objectives is a key method in project implementation. What features should characterise a correctly defined goal?
Which skills typically characterise successful social innovation leaders?

What is the difference between social impact and collective impact?

Social investment:
Which of these statements is false?

A social enterprise is different from a more traditional business. Why?

The triple bottom line measures:
What is social innovation?
What does social innovation not comprise?
What is a radical social innovation?
Which one event belongs to social innovation history?
Which of the following is not a global sustainable development goal?
Which of the following is not a European societal trend or challenge?
What is an incremental social innovation?
What is the social innovation triad?
Which of these is not a feature of social innovations?

What is a key characteristic of social innovation approaches?

Storytelling is important for social innovation, but it can have its pitfalls. Which of the following is NOT one of them:
Inspired people are more open, intrinsically motivated, optimistic and have a stronger drive to meet the goal. Which behaviour does not match the attitude of inspiration:
Delegating is a basic competence for team management. Which of the points below is most important for the effective management of large social innovation projects?
The development of social innovation projects requires active listening to all project participants. Active listening does NOT imply:
There are many challenges in designing social innovation. Making decisions regarding problem-solving requires:
Searching for ideas for social innovations requires the use of various creative techniques. Which technique below is the least suited to supporting creativity?
Running a social innovation project requires verification of ideas at various stages of the process. Testing consists of:
With regards to tasks, setting priorities in social innovation projects involves:
Which questions from the specific technique ‘Screening with R-W-W [Real-Win-Worth]’ are important for a risk assessment at the different stages of development of social innovation ideas?
The implementation of social innovation projects requires the involvement of different stakeholders. Which networking activities are the most helpful in achieving this goal?
Building social innovation requires obtaining information from the outside world. Which of the following methods is worth using?
Solving problems with regards to the project management of social innovation is a daily task. Which action below offers the least potential for solving a problem?
Which of the following techniques will make it difficult to think outside the box when developing social innovation?
Which answer best describes the goal to be pursued in the implementation of a social innovation project?
Resourcefulness requires the development of creative thinking techniques. Which of these methods is worth using when coming up with new ideas?
The effectiveness of the strategic management of social innovation projects depends on:
Indicate those behaviours that characterise a flexible approach to social innovation projects:

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