Social Innovation Awards 2023

The Schwab Foundation Social Innovation Awards 2023 have just been revealed. Read further to discover more about these awards and this year’s winners.

The world is at a critical juncture as economies and livelihoods are battered by multiple overlapping crises, from war in Ukraine to climate change and the fallout of COVID-19. Yet again, it is the most vulnerable populations that are being hit the hardest. Better ways to tackle exclusion, inequality and ongoing environmental damage are urgently needed to restore trust and rebuild societal systems.

The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship’s 16 award winning organizations for social innovation in 2023 represent a beacon of hope in these difficult times. By providing practical and scalable solutions to deep-rooted problems, they are demonstrating that change is possible, and they are achieving remarkable transformations through innovative cooperation.

Their work is providing a lifeline for those most at risk from traumatic disruption in today’s fragmented world – especially young people, women, and minority groups.

The 2023 award winners include 24 leaders working across sectors to leverage technology in education, agriculture, microfinance, environmental projects and empowering and representing women in the world’s growing informal economies. The impact of their programmes is felt from farms in Africa and villages across Asia to the rainforests in Latin America and left-behind communities in Europe and North America.'(1)

Congratulations to all the winners changing the world for the better!

Find out who has been granted these incredible awards this year on World Economic Forum’s page.


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Why Social Innovation Academy? Social innovation has increasingly come to be perceived as the answer to the rising number of European societal challenges. While the European authorities, leading academics, policy experts, business people and activists agree that social innovation is the key to a better future for Europe and the world, it is extremely difficult for professionals to obtain high-quality training on what social innovation actually offers and, more importantly, how it can be done in practice.

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(1) Text copyrights: World Economic Forum’s website, https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2023/01/davos-2023-social-innovation-awards-2023/ 

Photo by fauxels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-people-near-wooden-table-3184418/ 

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