Know Your Hazard

The EIB Institute, in collaboration with the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, is pleased to invite you to the first European conference on community disaster preparedness: Know Your Hazard, which will take place on 27 October at the EIB headquarters in Luxembourg and online.[i]

Extreme weather events are on the rise due to climate change, resulting in floods, wildfires and heavy storms. Being prepared can save not only lives, but also things in the physical world that are dear to us. Being able to act in the right way and help others can also boost morale during difficult events and in the aftermath.[ii]

The conference will seek answers to questions such as: What are the main natural hazards in Europe and how will their occurrence increase with climate change? Are people prepared? Why do we need to prepare for such natural hazards? What difference does it make if individuals are also prepared? What happens before and after such an event? How do policymakers, states and municipalities, as well as civil protection authorities, involve the public in preparing for natural hazards? Why are some communities more successful in preparing for the next natural hazard event? How do we structure the financing of preparedness for natural hazards?[ii]

The conference is free of charge, but registration is mandatory before 24th of October on EIB website. Click here for the agenda[i]


Graphics: EIB Institute communication

[i] EIB Institute communication

[ii] https://institute.eib.org/2022/10/save-the-date-know-your-hazard/ 



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